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Holistic Management with Brian Wehlburg

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Events

Holistic Management –  a foundation for regeneration

Brian Wehlburg


Sessions Dates Tuesday and Wednesday

of the following months

Session 1 –  June 11 & 12

Session 2 – July 9 & 10

Session 3  – August 6 & 7

Session 4  – September 3 & 4

COST: $2,420 per person

20% discount for 3rd person

from a business family.

We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming back to the Valley in 2024, Holistic Management educator Brian Wehlburg. Holistic Management is a potentially life changing course that gets to the heart of your decision making process.

Starting in June 2024 this is an 8-day course which includes 2 days in June, July, August and September.


Holistic Management is a decision-making framework that ensures our decisions are environmentally, economically, and socially sound, the triple bottom line.
It enables us to develop a clear vision of the future we want.

Applicable to all organisations and individuals, it equips us to understand the complex ‘whole’ we manage, making decisions with outcomes that regenerate our environment.


Holistic Management Courses takes place over 4 months for 2 days each month. This style of of teaching allows you to learn; go home and apply; come back and extend your knowledge.

Brian Wehlburg is a Holistic Management Educator, certified with Holistic Management International and The Savory Institute. He brings a wealth of experience to his Holistic Management training. Trained by Allan Savory in Africa, he was inspired to involve his staff in implementing his new understanding and knowledge on his property, using grazing as a tool to improve the environment with resultant increased stocking rates, significant pasture improvement and regeneration of water seeps.

He moved on to training local tribal farmers.
Since arriving in Australia in 2001, he has broadened this hands-on experience, working for a pastoral enterprise in South West Queensland as a pasture and cattle manager and grazing consultant and managing a grazing property / paddock to plate business in New South Wales. He enjoys sharing his passion for environmental improvement and grazing management.

As a director of Inside Outside Management, he has worked with diverse groups, including Landcare and CMA groups, family businesses and sole operators, Australia wide, delivering Holistic Management training, TAFE, and grazing management workshops. He has much experience working in a team with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This, together with his passion for Holistic Management allows him to create an atmosphere of trust within a group, enabling the diverse participants to actively contribute towards positive outcomes.

Brian is a board member of Holistic Management International and the Australian Holistic Management Cooperative.

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