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Showcasing Innovations, Invention and Ideas 

Agvention – Australia’s Regenerative Agriculture Field Day.

DATE: Friday 6th September 2024
TIME: 9am – 4pm
LOCATION:  Kandanga Farm Store

Speakers tent, trade show, exclusive specials, give-aways, good food and likeminded folk.

You’re gathering for all things regenerative.

Australia’s Regenerative and Organic Farming Field Day. Agvention is a field day like no other with all invited stall holders tasked with only bringing products and/or services that can help you on your regenerative and organic farming journey.

The Agvention speakers tent is always the popular spot and this year we have a full line-up of guests with stories and insights on many topics from dung beetles, to human nutrition to, of course, personal journeys in regenerative farming. Hearing from others who are out there living it is always inspiring.

Of course we can’t ever talk regenerative ag without talking about food – that’s what it’s all about after all and we take the food offerings very seriously – delicious and nutritious meals that showcase good people doing good things on their landscapes. All the food at Agvention will have a provenance story.


Kandanga Farm Store, Main Street, Kandanga. QLD
PHONE: 0427 633 623

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