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Noosa Black Garlic

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Past Events

Welcome to our most recent Snail of Approval: Noosa Black Garlic

Noosa Black Garlic’s Teneille and Tony Newton take great pride in their efforts to promote “Clean” food through various practices and commitments that align with sustainability, environmental responsibility, and health-conscious choices.

Teneille and Tony are dedicated to sustainable food production practices. Their black garlic is created through an ageing process that uses minimal energy and resources and is supplemented via solar power.

They strive to minimise waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, their garlic sourcing is done locally, supporting regional farmers and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Their commitment to biodiversity is evident in supporting local farmers who actively complete crop rotations to naturally replenish soil nutrition. This not only preserves the soil micro biome, but also ensures a robust and healthy garlic ecosystem, supporting beneficial insects and wildlife.

Find out more about our amazing new Snail via Noosa Black Garlic’s Website.