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Kin Kin Community Christmas Market

by | Dec 3, 2023 | Past Events

Slow Food Theme for Kin Kin’s Christmas Market

The Kin Kin Community’s Christmas Market in December 2023 adopted a Slow Food theme and was part of an initiative that Slow Food Noosa have worked on to create closer ties with this community-based group.

On the first Sunday of every month the Kin Kin markets provide themed markets in the wonderful setting of the Kin Kin Recreation Reserve.

The Christmas market was supported by Slow Food Snail of Approval members, and offered an opportunity to promote Slow Food’s principles of Good, Clean, and Fair.

Snail members took the opportunity to be involved in an event that offers enjoyment and collaboration.

Kin Kin Market offers the chance to pick up local hand-crafted gifts from like-minded artisans and producers.

We hope to see more Snail members springing up at the Kin Kin Market throughout 2024