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Eastwell Farms Heart Summit 2024

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Past Events

HEART Summit Kin Kin

23rd and 24th March 2024

8:30am – 3pm

Eastwell Farms

HEART Summit

Health, Environment, and Regenerative Teachings

March 23rd and 24th 2024
Kin Kin, QLD

An opportunity to meet and hear from the farmers, health educators, and success mentors leading the charge in Regenerative Agriculture and Health Optimisation.

A chance to meet like-minded people on the quest for better health through treading a different path.

The HEART Summit is a holistic health event which serves as a unity between two disciplines which have long been divided – health and agriculture. The event aims to bridge the gap between farmers and health professionals; the land and the public; your food and you.

The HEART Summit presents learning opportunities from fields such as:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Quantum Health
  • Circadian Health
  • Quantum Dentistry
  • Succession Planning
  • Women’s Reproductive Health




Dr Max Gulhane is a GP registrar and decentralized health educator. He is passionate about helping people reverse chronic disease and live optimally using lifestyle & dietary changes including circadian health & carnivore diets. He is a strong proponent of ruminant animal regenerative agriculture as the future of a more local, environmentally conscious and nutrient-dense food system.

Dr Max will be speaking on both days. On Day One, he will speak on gut health. On Day Two, he will unpack the necessity to eat clean, chemical-free food.

Max Gulhane MD, The Regenerative Health Podcast

Learn more about Dr Max here


Jalal is a dentist with a keen interest in quantum biology.

When caring for his patients, he considers the core principles of circadian biology, quantum nutrition and nature’s laws.

He unites this with his unique approach to dentistry that considers posture, breathing, jaw development and craniosacral osteopathy.

Collectively, he has formed what he feels is a new paradigm in his field: quantum dentistry.”

Jalal will speak on Day One. He will speak on Circadian Health and its benefits.

Learn more about Jalal and k2calibre here.


John has been deeply involved in agriculture throughout his life, serving as an owner, mentor, consultant, and investor. As a 6th generation producer in South Africa, he currently manages a dairy business with 850 cows on biologically grown pastures. Over a decade, he successfully transitioned his synthetic fertilizer and chemical production operation to a biologically focused one, resulting in increased profitability, regenerative practices, resilience, and sustainability.

Emphasizing a holistic approach, he believes in maintaining and improving production and profitability while advancing ecological goals. John’s extensive involvement in agricultural boards and associations includes being the vice Chairman of the Clover Producers forum, the largest dairy processor in Africa, and serving as the president of the District Farmers association for three years. He has also collaborated with Resource Consulting Services (RCS) Australia and is recognized as an advanced problem solver and strategic thinker in the agricultural community.

John will be speaking on both days. On Day One he will speak on Psychological Health and Succession Planning. On Day Two he will speak on Biological and Soil Health.

Learn more about John and GrowMoor Biological here


Rob Bauman and Deb McLucas, both fourth-generation farmers, bring a wealth of agricultural experience. Rob, having spent two decades in conventional farming with his brother, underwent a transformative experience when his father’s Parkinson’s Disease was linked to chemical exposure during childhood. Deb, a former jillaroo turned journalist, discovered holistic farm management, recognizing the limitations of conventional farming.

Their shared vision for the future of agriculture led them to establish Freckle Farm in 2010, following the purchase of a property near Eton. Rob, managing day-to-day operations, excels in practical farm work and innovation. Deb, with a focus on business management, passionately connects Freckle Farm with the local community, handling sales, logistics, and expanding her skills in digital platforms.

Rob and Deb will be speaking on Day Two. They are advocates for grass-fed and chemical-free farming, and a paddock-to-plate approach. They will speak about the importance of these factors in farming.

Learn more about Rob, Deb, and Freckle Farm here


Imprinted from a young age with the principles of regenerative agriculture, along with a deep curiosity of the human body and nature, Stacey holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy and a Masters of Human Nutrition.

Stacey is passionate about providing high quality integrative and naturopathic care to all, working especially closely with those who live rurally and remotely. Her passion is to turn complex science into easy to implement, individualised, actionable steps; and empower others to be proactive about their own health.

She is endlessly blown away by the intelligence of nature and human physiology; and has a keen interest in linking human health outcomes to soil health, regenerative practices and systems thinking.”

Stacey will be speaking on Day One. She will be discussing nutritional wisdom, and our deep physiological connection with the food we eat.

Learn more about Stacey and Cultivating Wellness here


Bryant Ussher is a fifth-generation farmer, following in the footsteps of a passionate agricultural family. He was educated with a diploma in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry from UQ Gatton (FKA: Gatton Agricultural College).

Having always worked in agriculture, Bryant transitioned from conventional industrialised farming practises in the early 2000s when he discovered Regenerative Agriculture. He realized the outcomes from this form of agriculture were much more beneficial to the health of the environment, and so stayed the course.

He started “Eastwell Farms” as paddock-to-plate business alongside wife Susie and step-son Alex in 2021. Their curiousity led them to not only offer grass-fed beef, but also a range of gourmet mushrooms, from oyster mushroom to lion’s mane.

Time-controlled grazing is especially simple within the complex yet intuitive design of paddocks on the property. The Nguni cattle quickly became accustomed to daily moves.

Bryant will be MC for both days. He will also speak during the farm tour with Jack Milbank on Day Two.

Learn more about Bryant, Susie, Alex, and Eastwell’s Journey here


With his Bachelor of Applied Science in Rural Management and as a graduate of ExecutiveLink™, Andrew has a passion for the regenerative grazing principles he applies to his family farm. He brings this passion to teaching our Grazing Clinic, GrazingforProfit™ and Farming&GrazingforProfit™ Schools, advising producers on regenerative management and profitability and facilitating for the ExecutiveLink™ Program.

After completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Rural Management through the University of Queensland, Andrew returned to the family farm where he ran a successful dairy operation with his parents near Murgon in the South Burnett.

Today, Andrew and Katie continue to live on the family property and run a beef trading enterprise. Andrew has a passion for the regenerative grazing principles that he practices daily, and brings this to his coaching, teaching and advisory roles within RCS. He loves working to help bring about positive change, where knowledge and appropriate management can reduce inputs and improve profitability and balance in people’s lives.

Andrew will be speaking on Day Two. He will discuss the benefits of reliable water and fencing infrastructure.

Learn more about Andrew and RCS here


Jack, raised on a Zimbabwean farm, graduated with a BAppSc from the University of QLD in 2001. With a diverse career, he worked in Crop Tech, T-Systems, and Ausveg before becoming the CEO of Hortus Technical Services in 2009. Entrepreneurially, Jack founded Biofilm Crop Protection Pty Ltd in 2013 and Bargara Brewing Company in 2014. The merger of Hortus and Biofilm in 2019 formed Novum Lifesciences, later acquired by Symbio Laboratories in 2023. In 2020, he launched Lexi Tech, a Global Ag-Tech Data Management company. Simultaneously, Jack manages the Sanga and Solera Breeding program in Bundaberg and owns Hartwood, Australia’s only cattle stud producing regenerative genetics. As the Soil Health Director at Carbon Sync since 2024, Jack leads regenerative agriculture and soil carbon sequestration projects, contributing to the Nature Repair Market and participating in the Net Zero CRC and Nature Positive CRC, envisioning a Positive Future for Agriculture in sync with Nature.

Jack will be speaking on Day Two. He will be advocating for Nguni and other African cattle breeds.

Learn more about Jack and Hartwood Cattle Co. here

Day One

8:45AM | Introductions: Bryant Ussher – Group Assembly, Welcomes and Housekeeping

9:00AM – 9:50AM | Session One: Jalal Khan – Mitochondrial Biology

10:00AM – 10:50AM | Session Two: Stacey Curcio – Animal Nutritional Wisdom

11:00AM | Tea Break

11:30AM – 12:20PM | Session Three: Dr Max Gulhane – Optimising Diet for Better Health Outcomes

12:30PM | Lunch Break, provided by Matt Golinski

1:30PM – 2:20PM | Session Four: John Moor – Psychological Health and Succession Planning

2:30PM | Session Five: Q&A Panel with Jalal, Stacey, Max, & John

3:00PM | Session Six: Networking

Day Two

8:30AM | Introductions: Bryant Ussher – Welcome to Eastwell

9:00AM – 9:30AM | Session One: Andrew Zerner – Benefits of Reliable Water and Fence Infrastructure

9:40AM – 10:25AM | Session Two: John Moor – Biological Farming

10:30AM | Tea Break

11:00AM – 11:45AM | Session Three: Dr Max Gulhane – Why Regeneratively Farmed Produce is Better For Your Body

11:50AM – 12:30PM | Session Four: Q&A Panel with Bryant, Andrew, John, & Max

12:30PM | BBQ Lunch, provided by Eastwell Farms, prepared by Matt Golinski

1:30PM – 2:45PM | Session Five: Jack Milbank & Bryant Ussher – Farm Tour/Benefits of African Cattle Breeds

3:00PM – 3:30PM | Session Six: Rob Bauman & Deb McLucas – Freckle Farm and Their Journey

3:30PM | Session Seven: Networking

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