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Big Rosella Field Day 2024

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Events

Join us for the Big Rosella Field Day to celebrate all things Rosella

4th – 5th May 2024

9am – 3pm

Discover all things Rosella at Petersen’s Farm’s annual Rosella Field Day.

Since 2016, Petersen’s Farm has welcomed visitors to enjoy the annual Big Rosella Field Day, sharing their love of farming and cooking, as well as bringing awareness of what Rosellas are about – where they come from, what to do with them, how to grow, and everything in between.

Rosella Field Day is an annual event that celebrates the harvest of rosella fruit and promotes the love of farming. The event attended by farmers, community members, and visitors who share a passion for agriculture and sustainable food practices.

The event features a variety of activities, including tours of the farm, growing rosellas, cooking demonstrations and tastings, entertainment, and opportunities to purchase fresh rosella fruit and other locally grown produce.

Overall, Rosella Field Day is a celebration of the bounty of the land and the many people who work tirelessly to bring delicious and nutritious food to our tables.

Visitors to the Big Rosella Field Day can enjoy cooking demos, farm tours, talks with farmers, forums on relevant issues, a local Farmers Market, and activities for families, including face painting and Rosella-themed games.

CC’s products are also available for purchase.

Sharing our love of Rosella fruit

Rosella Field Day provides an important platform for farmers and food enthusiasts to come together and exchange ideas, share knowledge, and build relationships that support the growth of sustainable farming practices and local food systems.

Through this event, participants gain a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication of farmers and the importance of supporting local agriculture.

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